LVC Covid-19 Policy

Limona Village Chapel UMC 

Children’s Church Covid Best Practices

Covid-19 Screening for Teachers/Co-Teachers 

  1. Teacher's temperatures will be taken in your classrooms every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.

  2. You will also be asked if you and your children have been around anyone that has Covid-19 or been exposed to it via a health checklist.

  3. You will be asked to initial your own and your children’s Daily Health Screening. 

  4.  Face Masks are mandatory for staff/volunteers and children.

  5. Children and  staff/volunteers will need to wash hands frequently or sanitize (including when entering the program, before/after each activity, before/after snacks*).

  6. *Snacks are generally not provided in Children’s Church. However, some activities may have food ingredients in the lesson.  If your child has allergies or special needs please contact Mrs. Shari Jeshow at:

Covid-19 Screening for Children 

  1. The staff will take the child's temperature before they enter the room.

  2. The children will get hand sanitizer when they enter the classroom. 

  3. There will be no water available to the children for drinking. Due to Covid all water fountains are closed.  They will need to bring a water bottle labeled with their name and date on it before coming to Children’s Church.  However, we do recommend that the children have their drinks/snacks before they come, as they will only have 30 - 45 min. in the classroom.  If a child brings a water bottle it will be given to the teacher who will ensure that it is used only by the child with his/her name on it. In the event that the class goes outside, the teacher will keep the container with him/her.  

  4. No face masks are required to be worn on the playground. However, we encourage you to talk with your child about social distancing. Even outside we can pass Covid-19 to each other if we are too close to each other.

  5. If a child forgets their mask, we will provide one with a note home to parents reminding them of our mandatory mask rule. After the third time we will call parents to bring one to the child. 

Physical Environment 

  1. In Dramatic Play: There may be times that the children will dress up in class.  The outfits will not be shared and will be cleaned after each use. 

  2. Toys and tables will be sanitized each day.

  3. We will encourage children to use only the items in front of them, and we will have supplies that are divided by each child.

  4. If you are concerned, please provide for your child a plastic school box with a basic set of crayons, markers, or colored pencils as well as scissors, glue and glue sticks.  That way the child will use only his/her tools.

Playground Rules 

  1. No masks are required while playing on the playground.  However, I do encourage this behavior.  

  2. Each child will remove their face mask upon entering the playground.  It will be placed in their own personal baggy that is labeled with his or her name. 

  3. When it is time to come in from the playground, they will be called one at a time and allowed to put their mask on and to line up. Please practice with the children so they can put their mask on themselves.  This reduces Covid-19 transmission.

Drop off and Pick up  Procedures :

When you and your family enter the Church building (either in Fellowship Hall or the Sancuatry), children can either go to the church serivce with parents/guardians until 9:45 am approx. or go to the Children’s Church room immediately. A teacher will be in the room at 9:15 am for early check in’s.

Immediately go to Children’s Church:

If you choose to go to Children’s Church Room immediately upon arrival, we ask that you bring them to the hallway outside the classroom. Please have the children sit against the wall in a line outside the Children’s Church Room in the Mook building. For second service* we ask that children sit on the wall near the church office, with their mask on until everyone is registered and ready to go. 

Please ensure they have gone to the bathroom before lining up.  We only have 30-45 min. in class. Bathroom visits can take up alot of time. They will then receive a squirt of sanitizer when they enter the classroom. 

If you choose to go to Church First:

If you choose to go to the Church service first, please take the children with you and follow the Covid-19 Church directions.  A call for Children’s Church will be announced around 9:45 am approx. A teacher from Children’s Church will stand in the back of the room either in the building or the Sancutary.  Children will then walk to the teacher with their masks on.  All together they will then walk to the classroom. Once they arrive at the classroom they will then receive a squirt of sanitizer.  Again, please make sure your child has gone to the bathroom prior to the service.

Pick off: 

1. Children will remain in the classroom with their teacher/co-teacher until parent/guardian comes to the classroom.  They are then signed out by the family member or friend that signed them in.  We are unable to give your child to a stranger.

2. Please respect social distancing when picking up your child. 6 feet between family units, individuals, etc.

* Currently Children’s Church will only be available during first service.

The best way to send your thoughts and questions is by emailing Mrs. Shari Jeshow at You can also reach her at 813-812-5540.